Code Reviews 1

  1. Work in groups of three using the repositories you created in Assignment 3.
  2. Conduct three code reviews of the code. Two team members will act as reviewers and the third (the repository owner) the reviewee.
  3. Using the Issues tracker on GitHub, each reviewer is to open at least two issues against a reviewee’s repository (four issues total).
  4. Use the checklist as a guide as to what issues to open. Issues can cover the same topic, provided they apply to different code. i.e. each code review must comprise four distinct issues.
  5. Each reviewee should address the four issues opened against their code, then commit the changes, one commit per issue.

Note: if you are unable to form a group of three, join an existing group to make four members. Each team member will need to open four issues in such a way that each team member’s repository still receives four issues in total.