Shell 1 - Getting Started

Do the following using the Linux/Mac shell or GitBash on Windows:

  1. Navigate to your the directory where you would like to store materials for the class. While doing so experiment with the tab based autocomplete. It will make navigating the shell much quicker.
  2. Create a directory for all of your homework related material for this course.
  3. Navigate into this directory and create a new subdirectory for this assignment.
  4. Using nano (or a command line editor of your choosing) create a text file titled diary.txt.
  5. Enter today’s date and the statement “I am now a command line genius! Waa haa haa haa haa.” You may substitue a different transcription of your evil laugh if appropriate.
  6. Realize that you don’t want your enemies to be able to find out your secret so easily and change the name of your file to ornithology_notes.txt. No one would ever want to look at that.
  7. Make a backup of this file by creating a copy of it called ornithology_notes_backup.txt