Shell 4 - Making Executable Programs

This is a follow up on the Shell 3 - Finding Things problem.

Instead of having to call our Python program and our Bash script by using the commands python and bash, it would be nice if we could just execute them directly. So, let’s do the following:

  1. Add shebangs to the beginning of both and the bash script that you created in the previous problem. Do this using a shell text editor just to get a little practice. If you don’t have a preference you can use nano by typing nano and then the name of the file.
  2. Commit these changes to your repository with a descriptive commit message. You can do this directly from the shell using svn commit -m "My totally useful and informative commit message". Don’t forget to add your shell script first using svn add if you haven’t already.
  3. Make both of these files executable
  4. Modify your shell script so that it executes without using the python command. Commit the change (yes… with an informative commit message… always with an informative commit message).