Version Control 6

These exercises assume that you are working in pairs to add and modify files in a common repository. The files are available in the data and code directories of the course repository.

You’re working on a large project trying to predict diversity hotspots. Another member of your collaborative team has produced a series of files that contain lists of areas that resulted from a series of modeling exercises. Each filename begins with the word areas and ends with .txt.

You and your team pair decide that everything will be kept in a common repository, and to name the repository using a combination of your netIDs and assignment2. For example, if your netIDs are aaa11 and bbb22 you would name the repository aaa11_bbb22_assignment2. Since you’re going to share a repository, you need to agree on some way to communicate with each other. You can choose anything you want: email, IM, GitHub Issues, etc.

One team member should create the repository under the nyu-cds organization on GitHub. Make sure that the second team member has write access to the repository by choosing the Add teams and collaborators button and adding their username to the Collaborators field. Whoever creates the repository will then need to let their team member know that it is available, and both should clone a copy to their computers.

A programmer has whipped up a small python script called that takes a single file containing a list of areas, one per line, and returns the area and the predicted richness. The script can be downloaded using the command curl -O

One team member should download this script and commit it to their local repository, then push the changes to GitHub using git push from the command line. They should then notify the second team member, who will update their local repository from the command line using git pull and check that they now have a copy of the script.