Effective Code Reviews

A code review is a process of consciously and systematically examining source code for mistakes, and to improve the overall quality and maintainability of the code. Code reviews (in contrast to code inspections) have been repeatedly shown to accelerate and streamline the process of software development like few other practices can.

There are peer code review tools and software, but the concept itself is important to understand. Software is written by human beings. Software is therefore often riddled with mistakes. To err is, of course, human, so this is an obvious correlation. But what isn’t so obvious is why software developers often rely on manual or automated testing to vet their code to the neglect of that other great gift of human nature: the ability to see and correct mistakes ourselves.

This lesson aims to provide an introduction to code reviews, what to look for and how to conduct them.


00:00 Introduction to Code Reviews Why do code reviews?
When and how do they happen?
00:10 Code Review Best Practices What are some best practices for code reviews?
00:25 Code Review Checklist What should I be looking for when reviewing code?
00:35 Finish

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