Introduction to Numba: Glossary

Key Points

Just-in-time Compiling
  • The central feature of Numba is the @jit decoration.

Function Signatures
  • Function signatures provide Numba with additional information that can help improve performance.

  • Specialization can make the functions less flexible.

Compilation Modes
  • The nopython mode will generate the best performance, but has limitations.

  • Types that can’t be inferred by the compiler will generate an error.

Numba Functions
  • Numba functions call other Numba functions efficiently.

  • The @vectorize decorator can be used to create fast ufuncs.

CUDA Programming
  • Numba provides an easy way to write CUDA programs.

  • Many CUDA features are provided by Numba.

  • Some of the low level CUDA API features are not supported by Numba.